Memoirs of a Giver

Shit's not that deep…or is it?

What To Expect (Hint: DON’T)

Oh HEY! I’m pretty much just learning shit and wanted to share that with whomever ventures onto this blog. Hopefully some of this will resonate and be helpful. At the very least, you’ll probably get a good laugh at my expense... Continue Reading →

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To My Future Self

So. It may seem like this letter should be written to a past me. But I chose future me because I know I’m still in the thick of trials, I know there’s more to come, and I know the person... Continue Reading →

Expectations & Inadequacy

I don’t think we realize how deeply pervasive feelings of inadequacy can be and how deeply connected they are to expectation. I did some reflecting on past loveships and realized just how much I’ve allowed feeling inadequate to cause me... Continue Reading →

2017 Reflection

Reading back through my journal and posts here, I realized I did a lot of trying to pull myself out of slumps. Very pep-talky. And shit I (sometimes) didn’t believe at the moment I was writing it. I was writing... Continue Reading →


*TRIGGER WARNING: Self-harm* When we hear about “cutters,” those of us who’ve never self-harmed in that way tend to shudder and think, “oh man! They must’ve been really going through it.” At least, that was always the thought I had.... Continue Reading →


*TRIGGER WARNING: Depression, Suicidal Ideation* In the spirit of Scorpio, the sign of darkness and transformation, I decided to post something I wrote 1/5/17 that's pretty...heavy. I'm gonna leave it as is, with the thoughts and feels I had at... Continue Reading →


Who were you told to be? Who did you convince yourself you were? When have you ever felt sure of who you are? I’ve recently realized that the person I’d been living as for the bulk of my past 25... Continue Reading →


I’ve been sitting on this post and the previous one for a while (legit over a month), not quite sure if they express what I’m trying to say, but FUCK IT! I’ll come back to the topics later if I... Continue Reading →


I’ve led a pretty fear-based life. Up until a few months ago, I lived in a constant state of fear regarding my finances for no real reason. I’m still struggling with fear of my emotions. And there’s also fear for... Continue Reading →


How many times have you questioned the goodness that manifests in your life? Or straight-up rejected a blessing because you felt you didn’t deserve it? How is “deserving” even measured? Isn’t it completely subjective? So why do we feel like... Continue Reading →

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